NY1E amplifier projects of the past

This is my shack sometime in the late 80's or early 90's. Heathkit SB series from 80 thru 2 M, I actually worked EME with this stuff! The rack holds a 2m 3CX1000, 6M 4-1000, and a pair of 3-1000Zs on 80-10 M

This is an old six meter amp, a 4-1000A that I built for the June '99 VHF contest. Construction was started on May 21st and first QSO with it was made on May 31st.
The box on back is an ICE low pass filter.

This is the underside of the 6M 4-1000A

This is an  HF amp, it is single band with the pi-net on a separate rack panel above the RF deck. I had pi-net panels for 160 and 10M (I prefer single band contests). Notice the third 4-1000A socket was removed, but has a Dahl 75A xfmr and 3A plate choke.

My current amplifiers