Do NOT do bussiness with
   Dragon man, Dragon Distributors
    or Dragon Precision Machining
   of Colorado Springs, Colorado.!!
July, 2002:
I wish I paid attention to the rumors I heard before I sent my panhead cases and cylinders to him. I sent my cases to have his flywheel assembly installed in them, and my jugs to be bored to next size for his pistons. In six weeks what I got back was my empty cases with the flywheels in a separate box, and a pair of pistons with no rings included or size indicated. When I called on the phone I talked to Mel himself, He said he did the best he could, seeing he didn't have "obsolete" parts. And when I asked why he charged me $475 for the flywheel assembly when his catalog and website say $350, he said thats "dealer" price. Although boring the cylinders and supplying the pistons was the correct price, only "dealers" must get rings to go with them.

Here's some other customers:
 78 shovel in 2003

 93 stroker in 2001

 $4000 in 2000